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Awesome clinicians working here. I was able to get my child’s diagnosis so I can get him services. Early diagnosis is the he key. He was 3 years old when we went. My son is autistic and has ADHD as well as other health issues. Kisd was able to get my son the services he needed based on his diagnosis he received at this office. My son is now 6 and has made a 200 percent improvement due to reviewing intervention early on. There diagnosis was also a great help with getting him into the therapies he needed as well. Thank you so much for the help and great care we received at this practice. I refer everyone here and no were else. This place is awesome!


Doctor Connell and his staff went out of their way to assist my daughter and I with the process of obtaining a diagnosis (report) and submitting referrals for the care she needed. This was an acutely difficult period for both she and I, as it was her first diagnosis and testing experience. All around they were patient, kind, thorough and efficient. Highly Recommended!


Dr. Connell was very easy to talk to. He listen to all of my concerns and addressed them. Him and his staff made me feel comfortable. I have been waiting for over a year for a appointment at scott and white. As soon as I called his office I received a appointment right away.


I was impressed with the overall evaluation of my daughter chloe miller and look forward to working with Dr. Connell on the next visit.


I loved the service that was giving!


When you walk into the office you are welcomed right away. You don’t have to wait.for someone. It doesn’t have the feeling of most Dr.’s offices. It has a relaxing feel which is important for the children.


Very friendly staff, enjoyable office area and the staff did a wonderful job helping us learn more. Dr. Connell is good and explains things in plain English and not medical terms. Felt very re-assured we will get the help we need for our family.


The office staff is excellent and I was greeted and made comfortable on my arrival.


Dr. Connell’s office has been professional and courteous. My husband and I like how well he listens to our concerns and how we explain ourselves about our daughter. We are hopeful on this new path with his help with our daughter.


Dr Connell was friendly interactive and pleasant. Enjoyed out first visit, and my daughter didn’t seem to be stressed at all, that was important to me.