Cheryl Pace, M.A., L.P.C.

    Cheryl Pace joined Connell & Associates in 2017 after returning from Ecuador.

    Cheryl and her black Russian terrier, Anastasia, have done quite a bit of traveling together, including a two-year stint in Cotacachi, Ecuador, where Cheryl worked for a philanthropy group that helps countries struggling with animal overpopulation issues.

    While in Ecuador, she grew to love a simplistic lifestyle, and carried that methodology home with her. One of her role models is Bert Hellinger, a priest who went to Africa to tame the Zulu people, and was tamed himself.

    Cheryl applies his psychology theories, known as Family Constellations and Systemic Constellations, to her counseling practices. She combines Family Systems Therapy with Cognitive-behavioral therapy.

    “I don’t like to assume things,” she said. “I just do a lot of listening.”

    Cheryl became licenses in professional counseling in 1995 after experiencing the benefits of counseling in her own life. After dealing with the aftermath of her parents’ separation, counseling helped her to understand how to avoid patterns of trauma and substance abuse.

    “I was so amazed,” she said. “I thought my counselor was magical.”

    Cheryl attained her undergraduate degree from University of Texas in Dallas and received a masters degree in clinical and counseling psychology at Southern Methodist University.

    Cheryl is a mother to three sons and a grandmother to three. When she’s not working, she likes gardening, and has previously been an avid diver, snow and water skier, and skydiver.