Scott Newman, M. Ed., LPA

    Scott Newman lives in Killeen and has family in Roswell, New Mexico and Bryan, Texas. He has been with Connell & Associates since December 2016.

    Scott said he joined the practice because of his interest in conducting assessments.

    “It was an opportunity I was really excited for,” he said.

    As a diagnostician, Scott conducts psychological assessments relating to IQ, the Autism spectrum, RIAS I and RIAS II testing, as well as others.

    “I always wanted to learn what makes people tick and why they are the way they are,” Scott said. “It’s always interesting to see the individual differences. Every now and then I get a really gifted kid that comes through.”

    He has even taken the RIAS test himself.

    After attending the University of Texas at Dallas for his undergraduate degree, Scott attained a masters degree in Education and Education Psychology at the University of Houston. He is also a certified behavioral analyst with a background in applied behavioral analysis.

    Scott continues to study Industrial-Organizational Psychology as well as Spanish and Portuguese. He also enjoys movies and video games.