Monica Wilson, LCSW-S

    Monica Wilson knew early in life that she wanted to help others, but it wasn’t until a tragic situation that she realized what her true calling was.

    In 2005, her husband was seriously injured while serving as a U.S. soldier in Iraq, and spent four months in a hospital. The couple was assisted by a social worker.

    “Based as my experience as a military spouse and an Army mom, that is a population very near and dear to my heart,” Monica said.

    Monica has a lot of experience working with those in crisis. Before attaining a masters degree in social work from University of Texas Arlington, she had a long career as a medical social worker.

    “I did a lot of crisis intervention,” she said, adding that she served as the primary psychiatric and substance abuse triage person in an emergency room setting. “Some people are just drawn to certain things. I can normally de-escalate a situation very quickly.”

    Monica said her passion lies in “helping people discover what goes on in their lives now and in the past, developing goals and striving to reach those goals.”

    Originally from Michigan, Monica attained and bachelors degree in sociology from Northern Michigan University and a masters degree in social work from Texas A&M Central Texas after she and her husband were relocated to the area during his service in the U.S. Army.

    She and her husband, now retired, have six children, and spend much of their free time supporting their children’s extracurricular activities, and traveling domestically and internationally. This year they plan to visit Arizona, California, several countries in Europe, and Belize.

    She joined Connell & Associates part-time in October 2018 and became a full-time member of the group in February.