Chose a step in the process:

First Step

Step 1 – Clinical Interview

The client is interviewed by the doctor (psychologist).

If you or your child are struggling educationally or in life, and your attempts to improve the situation have not been effective, a psychological assessment could very well provide the answers you want. Psychological testing is a means of gathering information from various sources (e.g., observations, interviews, school/college records, and formal testing methods) to gain a comprehensive understanding of you or your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and to make an accurate diagnosis.

Dr Connell seems very willing to listen to and to help my son who had a traumatic accident at school, and is not just bouncing back, like everyone just seems to think would happen. He really listened to our concerns.


Second Step

Step 2 – Intelligence and Academic Achievement

Depending on the age of the child an Academic Achievement test is conducted. The purpose of this test is to assess the level of the child’s skills in areas such as math, reading and spelling. Most of the time, again depending on the age of the child, the test is conducted in a designated testing area. In the case of a younger child the test will be conducted in the examiner’s office.

IQ testing will also be conducted to measure the person’s general capacity to learn. Other tests may be administered as well, to determine the person’s ability to pay attention and concentrate, and whether there are problems like hyperactivity, depression, anxiety, or other symptoms that may be causing problems for the person being assessed.

I was treated with respect and I felt like my son was in good hands from the moment I walked in the door


Third Step

Step 3 – Interview with parent(s)

The Doctor interviews the parents during the time the child is completing other testing.

In the case that a child is being assessed, we take the opportunity to speak with the parent(s) to gather information about the presenting problem, early development, past medical issues, family history of learning problems or mental health difficulties, and the child’s day-to-day behavior.

Dr. Connell’s office has been professional and courteous. My husband and I like how well he listens to our concerns and how we explain ourselves about our daughter. We are hopeful on this new path with his help with our daughter.

Fourth Step

Step 4 – Analyzing and Preparation

2-4 hours of analyzing the tests and the notes from the interviews, and preparation of a formal report.

The heart of our assessment process is our Psychological Evaluation Report, which is tailored to you or your child’s unique strengths and needs so that challenges can be overcome. Psychological evaluations can be used to gain access to appropriate educational interventions, including:

  • Specific recommendations that teachers can implement
  • 504 services from elementary school through college
  • Special education services
  • Appropriate medical treatment
Very friendly staff, enjoyable office area and the staff did a wonderful job helping us learn more. Dr. Connell is good and explains things in plain English and not medical terms. Felt very re-assured we will get the help we need for our family.
Writes very good reports. Always works well getting us an appointment. Very pleased.