John Pierson, D.O.

    Dr. Pierson hales from Charleston, South Carolina where he enjoyed an idyllic childhood and enjoyed scouting, eventually earning his Eagle Scout. While pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University of South Carolina he made the decision to become a physician because he enjoyed studying anatomy and physiology. He then earned a Doctor of Osteopathy in medicine at Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee. Dr. Pierson stated that he chose the Osteopath route because “Holistic medicine fell in line more with my values.” He made the decision to specialize in psychiatry for similar reasons, “During my clinical rotations, I enjoyed the stories people tell…it was more humanistic than other types of medicine.”

    In his clinical work as a psychiatrist, Dr. Pierson finds gratification in “helping people make change, to become the best version of themselves.” He is the doting father of two and enjoys fitness and weight training.